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A post from your negligent mod

I want to apologise for lack of.. everything in this comm. Apparently I've been checking the wrong email to see what's been going on. I know it's been probably three weeks or more since someone posted, and it died. GOMEN NASAI ;-; Man I suck at this mod thing. But I'd like to keep it going ne. I'm so sorry you joined and were met with nothing~ I honestly thought nobody had joined. Now that I see we have two members, that makes me smile! ^_^

So, yeah. RP can be done over AIM; I'm cool for that. Or even para RP over here can work. I can work with whatever. I'm just so glad people joined! ToT *tears of joy*

Yakusoku, I'll keep more updated with this~ I'll be adding new members to my friendslist to be in touch with you. Feel free to comment on my LJ or over AIM. My SN's in my profile.

That'll be all ♥ oh, and just write whatever you'd like. Pictures are wonderful!
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