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Vaya Krolika


Hi <3

I'm Vaya. I just joined...and this place is either new or pretty dead. =-_-= But I figure I'd post something here, anyway, because it seems like a good community.

I'll preface by saying that I'm not a writer. I don't consider myself one at all, but I occasionally will write, and sometimes it will be ok, but I'm not one of those superserious writers who actually likes her writing and sees a future in it or anything. XD But I do like reading. <3

Uhhh, anyway, I was writing a story with lolita characters (so far with no title). It has a pretty...loose plot being that it just started, and I've mostly focused on trying to introduce all the characters. XD I'll figure out things to do with them later... Er...yeah.

:D I'm a little shy about posting my writing (because, again, I'm not very good at it). Buuuut if you like some fluff and want to see my little loli characters, then give me some feedback. If there's interest, I'll post. =^_^=;;

In the meantime, here are some eLouai dolls I attempted to make of all the characters (so far)

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Dolls made with this:

Be warned, though, if you've never used it before. You will become addicted and waste all sorts of time on that site. =._.=
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