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Vivid Colors

haute en coleurs

☆Lolita Stories☆
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The Lolita Writing Guild: Where to write stories concerning personal experiences with the Lolita fashion, based on books/movies/manga/anime etc concerning the style, using characters wearing this fashion. Pretty much anything concerning Lolita fashion!

I'm not Japanese ^^; But I've grown rather fond of Lolita fashion and culture in Japan. So there might be some mistakes in the information found in here. If there are, I appreciate corrections and will credit you for them.

Currently, I'm designing a Lolita outfit to either buy things for online, or attempt to make. I'm still learning Japanese, so ordering online would be tricky, since I'd love to shop here without dealing with the translator confusion (´・ω・`)

A few rules (don't worry, they're pretty easy to remember and follow (^ 。^)
1. No stealing stories/media/pictures etc from this community. If this happens, I'll limit membership.
2. If what you post is something you got from another site or community, be kind and credit them.
3. Please don't insult the other members of this community. Everyone's different, and everyone worked hard at what they wrote and made, so respect that effort.

Form of Stories
-At the heading, include the title, genre, rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), a short summary, and what it's based on (if it's based on a book, manga, anime, movie, or celebrity.)
-Stories longer than a paragraph are best put under an LJ-cut to avoid massive friend-page spam and to cut down on scrolling. Plus, it's easier on the eyes ne ^^